Exploring Traverse City Part 2: Kayak Bike and Brew

After spending the morning at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, we were ready for more adventure. Thanks to Traverse City Tourism, we were able to experience Bike and Brew: a kayaking, biking and brewery hopping tour of Traverse City. We’re canoers, not kayakers, but we were really excited about trying out this concept. The fact that Rigby could tag along was an awesome bonus. They haven’t had many dogs on their tours, but they were welcome to her participating. Our…

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Exploring Traverse City Part 1: Downtown and Sleeping Bear Dunes


We originally planned to check Michigan off the Canoe 52 list in 2016. Those plans changed when we got Rigby who would have needed certain vaccinations in order to cross the borders between the US and Canada, plus with such a tiny pup we weren’t really up for the trip. When we decided to make Michigan our summer vacation for 2017, I looked into some fun places to canoe and go site seeing. I landed on Traverse City, Michigan, somewhere…

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Go with the flow. Navigating a tidal river

Tidal River

One of my favorite things in the world is adventure. I love it in pretty much any form. Long backpacking excursions, thrill rides, and four day long paddles down a tidal river. This 4th of July weekend, Tony and I decided to canoe the entire Connecticut portion of the Connecticut River. It’s a trip we began planning in late 2016. Reserving campgrounds and planning the trip around the tides of the river were critical and required early preparations. We’ll share…

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The first time I: Went on a road trip with a puppy

I absolutely love road trips. Growing up, we were a driving family. Trips from Connecticut to South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, and close by were all done in our family car. I think I was 20 the first time I flew in a plane. I’ve done my share of flying since, but always enjoy a good road trip. Let me tell you about the first time we took a road trip with a puppy. Canoe 52 is full of road trips.…

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Maryland: Paddle on the bay of Assateague Island


It’s the last day of spring break and we’re dreading the end of a fabulous road trip. We’ve spent the last 7 days outside with our pup in absolutely perfect weather. Now it’s time to pack up and head back to reality. Not before one last paddle. On our last morning of spring break we packed up camp and drove to the Ferry Landing Boat Launch for a paddle on the bay of Assateague Island in Maryland. Where to paddle…

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Enjoying Maryland’s wild ponies and ocean sunrises. Camping on Assateague Island.

Close your eyes, picture it…you wake up, open the tent, dig your toes into the beach sand and catch the sun rising over the ocean, the sound of waves crashing into the shore is all you hear around you. As you set up breakfast on your camping stove, three wild horses make their way past your campsite as if this is the normal way to start your morning. That’s camping on Assateague Island in Maryland. We were so lucky to…

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5 Things We Learned Camping With A Puppy

Our trip to Congaree National Park (South Carolina) and Assateague Island (Maryland) was our first camping trip with Rigby. Traveling long distance is not new to her–she’s been to Alabama and Tennessee–so we knew she could handle the travelling. Camping with a puppy was bound to be a new experience. Rigby is a superstar puppy. She’s a bundle of energy and love at the same time. We got lucky with a dog that has an incredible temperament. She’s a Portuguese…

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Camp and explore the old growth forest of Congaree National Park

Congaree Camp 6

Our spring break adventure kicked off in Congaree National Park, just outside of Columbia, South Carolina. Imagine over 2,000 acres of forest and swamp land about a 20 minute drive from the heart of the State Capitol. It’s hard to even begin describing the incredibleness of our stay at this park. We 100% enjoyed our stay here. Congaree National Park is a magical place. Enjoying nature in front or backcountry campsites We camped out for two nights in the walk-in, tent-only…

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The first time I: did some serious campfire cooking

Chickpea pilaf

After our recent trip, I’m starting to feel like I’m mastering the art of campfire cooking. Tony and I have our awesome gas camping stove that we use every morning when we camp to make our scrambled eggs, heat up water for washing dishes and cook up whatever we’re eating for hot meals. When we went on our trip to canoe in South Carolina and Maryland we decided we were cooking over an open fire for all of our dinners…

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Campfire Food: One Pot Lentils with Quinoa and Spinach

One pot lentils

Lentils are super healthy.  They’re nutritious for vegetarians (loaded with protein) so they were definitely on our spring break menu. We roadtripped to Congaree National Park in Sourh Carolina and Assateague Island National Seashore for spring break 2017. One pot meals over the fire were our favorite dinners! This recipe is perfect campfire food. It has lentils, quinoa, AND spinach. Boom, boom, BOOM!! Bringing that one pot meal to life over the fire We cooked this dish in our cast…

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