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July 2016

Maine: Rangeley Lake

Canoe Selfie on Rangeley

We drove along the pitch black road already dark from the night sky, canopied by tall trees. We knew we were really in the woods when “High Hit Area” signs with the symbol for deer lined the road. It was one Canoe 52 adventure after the next in early July 2016. After returning from our trip to Pittsfield, MA it was time to reload the car for canoeing in Rangeley, Maine. My brother Chris works for the fabulous outdoor retailer LL Bean. The…

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Massachusetts: Berry Pond & Onota Lake

Berry Pond, Berkshire Mountains

I’ve loved James Taylor since I was a kid. Listening to his music takes me back to riding in the back of my parents’ truck singing along to mix tapes my mom used to make. That voice. It’s one of a kind for me. Since he was born and raised in Stockbridge, MA, James Taylor’s summer concerts at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA are a homecoming. He plays an epic July 4th show every year and the suckers who aren’t quick enough…

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