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February 2017

Tennessee Brew Works

Located in Nashville, just South of Lafayette Street and East of 8th Avenue S, is Tennessee Brew Works where the beers are brewed on site and served in a multi-floor industrial setting with oak tables, live music venue, dart room, and views of the pristine, stainless-steel clad brewery. Similar to all of the other patrons that day, we shuffled past the outdoor covered patio in exchange for warmth.  People packed in the first floor. It was about 12 hours until…

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The first time I: Paddled a kayak. It didn’t go well.

Italian Riviera

We’re starting a series here on Canoe 52 to share some memorable “firsts” with you. On the first of the month, look for “The first time I…” posts. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips and maybe even laugh at the mistakes we made trying things for the first time. You never know what we’ll be sharing… This month, I’d like to tell you about the first time I attempted to paddle a watercraft. My first attempt at paddling was not…

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