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The first time I: did some serious campfire cooking

Chickpea pilaf

After our recent trip, I’m starting to feel like I’m mastering the art of campfire cooking. Tony and I have our awesome gas camping stove that we use every morning when we camp to make our scrambled eggs, heat up water for washing dishes and cook up whatever we’re eating for hot meals. When we went on our trip to canoe in South Carolina and Maryland we decided we were cooking over an open fire for all of our dinners…

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Campfire Food: One Pot Lentils with Quinoa and Spinach

One pot lentils

Lentils are super healthy.  They’re nutritious for vegetarians (loaded with protein) so they were definitely on our spring break menu. We roadtripped to Congaree National Park in Sourh Carolina and Assateague Island National Seashore for spring break 2017. One pot meals over the fire were our favorite dinners! This recipe is perfect campfire food. It has lentils, quinoa, AND spinach. Boom, boom, BOOM!! Bringing that one pot meal to life over the fire We cooked this dish in our cast…

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Campfire Food: Veggie Chili Mac & Cheese

I’m a huge planner when it comes to traveling. Sure, I love being spontaneous, but I also want to make the most of every trip. We’ve got our first road trip of the year coming up in a few weeks so I’ve been on a meal planning streak lately. We’re camping for six nights and plan to cook every meal. We’re not the campers who eat dehydrated food or live on sandwiches. I want real food that is good for…

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Tennessee Brew Works

Located in Nashville, just South of Lafayette Street and East of 8th Avenue S, is Tennessee Brew Works where the beers are brewed on site and served in a multi-floor industrial setting with oak tables, live music venue, dart room, and views of the pristine, stainless-steel clad brewery. Similar to all of the other patrons that day, we shuffled past the outdoor covered patio in exchange for warmth.  People packed in the first floor. It was about 12 hours until…

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Hog Rock BBQ

Sweet, Sweet BBQ Mesquite The foam BBQ takeout container had a pig in overalls and with a smile. Pulling back the cover, aluminum foil, and wax paper revealed a half rack, baked beans and potato salad. A mild BBQ sauce coated the smoked ribs.  The high fat content of the ribs made each bite a succulent treat. The warm beans and cold potato salad were the perfect compliment. Hog Rock BBQ prepared each component of this meal with care and balance of flavors. As…

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