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The first time I: Went on a road trip with a puppy

I absolutely love road trips. Growing up, we were a driving family. Trips from Connecticut to South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, and close by were all done in our family car. I think I was 20 the first time I flew in a plane. I’ve done my share of flying since, but always enjoy a good road trip. Let me tell you about the first time we took a road trip with a puppy. Canoe 52 is full of road trips.…

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The first time I: did some serious campfire cooking

Chickpea pilaf

After our recent trip, I’m starting to feel like I’m mastering the art of campfire cooking. Tony and I have our awesome gas camping stove that we use every morning when we camp to make our scrambled eggs, heat up water for washing dishes and cook up whatever we’re eating for hot meals. When we went on our trip to canoe in South Carolina and Maryland we decided we were cooking over an open fire for all of our dinners…

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The first time I: Took a Multi-Day Paddle

Canoe Enfield, CT

As we are gearing up for our 2017 Canoe 52 adventures, I wanted to recount my first multi-day paddle. My brother-in-law, Chris, and I set off on a four-day paddle down the Connecticut Riveron August 2, 2015.  We had absolutely no idea what we were doing.  First, we got a late start.  We opted for Bloody Mary and a hardy breakfast, essential for a full-day paddle, but we did not hit the water until after 11.  We embarked on our journey at…

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The first time I: Went Connecticut River paddling in the middle of February

CT River Winter Paddle 1

Sometimes you have to crack through the ice in order to paddle. That’s exactly what we did for our first paddle of 2017, also our first paddle that involved ice! My brother Chris was our special guest for some Connecticut River paddling this February. I have canoed in the cold, but this was definitely the first time I canoed when ice was covering the edge of the river! Getting to the River Our initial plan was to paddle the Farmington River.…

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The first time I: Paddled a kayak. It didn’t go well.

Italian Riviera

We’re starting a series here on Canoe 52 to share some memorable “firsts” with you. On the first of the month, look for “The first time I…” posts. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips and maybe even laugh at the mistakes we made trying things for the first time. You never know what we’ll be sharing… This month, I’d like to tell you about the first time I attempted to paddle a watercraft. My first attempt at paddling was not…

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