Check out what lies ahead for Canoe 52 in 2017

We are gearing up for a great year of Canoe 52 adventures. The cold New England weather has left us off the water for most of the season which leaves us no choice but to dream about the rivers and lakes we’d like to paddle this year.  A mid-March snowstorm that drops snow measuring in the double digits is definitely motivation to plan for an escape. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but to get a sense of how our vacation planning works…

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Campfire Food: Veggie Chili Mac & Cheese

I’m a huge planner when it comes to traveling. Sure, I love being spontaneous, but I also want to make the most of every trip. We’ve got our first road trip of the year coming up in a few weeks so I’ve been on a meal planning streak lately. We’re camping for six nights and plan to cook every meal. We’re not the campers who eat dehydrated food or live on sandwiches. I want real food that is good for…

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The first time I: Went Connecticut River paddling in the middle of February

CT River Winter Paddle 1

Sometimes you have to crack through the ice in order to paddle. That’s exactly what we did for our first paddle of 2017, also our first paddle that involved ice! My brother Chris was our special guest for some Connecticut River paddling this February. I have canoed in the cold, but this was definitely the first time I canoed when ice was covering the edge of the river! Getting to the River Our initial plan was to paddle the Farmington River.…

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Tennessee Brew Works

Located in Nashville, just South of Lafayette Street and East of 8th Avenue S, is Tennessee Brew Works where the beers are brewed on site and served in a multi-floor industrial setting with oak tables, live music venue, dart room, and views of the pristine, stainless-steel clad brewery. Similar to all of the other patrons that day, we shuffled past the outdoor covered patio in exchange for warmth.  People packed in the first floor. It was about 12 hours until…

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The first time I: Paddled a kayak. It didn’t go well.

Italian Riviera

We’re starting a series here on Canoe 52 to share some memorable “firsts” with you. On the first of the month, look for “The first time I…” posts. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips and maybe even laugh at the mistakes we made trying things for the first time. You never know what we’ll be sharing… This month, I’d like to tell you about the first time I attempted to paddle a watercraft. My first attempt at paddling was not…

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Tennessee: Canoeing the Cumberland River

Nashville, TN from the canoe, Cumberland River

The Christmas Break road trip continued after we canoed the Coosa River in Alabama. Next on the itinerary, canoe in Nashville, Tennessee while also enjoying a big city for New Year’s Eve. On our way up to Nashville we made a stop in Birmingham, about an hour and a half Northwest of where we were staying in Wetumpka. We had some deliciously cheesy sandwiches at MELT in the Avondale neighborhood then head over to the 16th Street Baptist Church. Four…

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Hog Rock BBQ

Sweet, Sweet BBQ Mesquite The foam BBQ takeout container had a pig in overalls and with a smile. Pulling back the cover, aluminum foil, and wax paper revealed a half rack, baked beans and potato salad. A mild BBQ sauce coated the smoked ribs.  The high fat content of the ribs made each bite a succulent treat. The warm beans and cold potato salad were the perfect compliment. Hog Rock BBQ prepared each component of this meal with care and balance of flavors. As…

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Alabama: Canoeing the Coosa River

I am a huge fan of Christmas. I love decorating our home, putting up the tree, hosting holiday parties, and spending Christmas day at my parents’ house. Since childhood, I’ve been a Christmas fanatic. From the food we eat on Christmas Day to the ornaments that hang on the tree, I absolutely love it. This year we did the holiday traditions, but it was a little more low-key in order to accommodate a Canoe 52 paddling vacation on winter break.…

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Rhode Island: Paddling Quonochontaug Pond

Rigby on the Rhode Island Salt Ponds

“We have to get Rhode Island done before summer ends.” Those words motivated us to research great paddling spots in our neighbor to the East, Rhode Island. Even though the season doesn’t technically end until mid to late September, it ends for us when school is back in session. Tony is a high school teacher so September becomes a hectic, but important month for getting to know his students, adjusting curriculum, and just settling back into the routine that broke…

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Maine: Rangeley Lake

Canoe Selfie on Rangeley

We drove along the pitch black road already dark from the night sky, canopied by tall trees. We knew we were really in the woods when “High Hit Area” signs with the symbol for deer lined the road. It was one Canoe 52 adventure after the next in early July 2016. After returning from our trip to Pittsfield, MA it was time to reload the car for canoeing in Rangeley, Maine. My brother Chris works for the fabulous outdoor retailer LL Bean. The…

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